How to use the bikesharing


  • At the terminal on the station, site or mobile app. For registration you'll need a phone and a bank card.

  • When registering we will send you login and PIN via SMS for access to the bikesharing service.

  • Choose and pay for access – 24 hours, 30 days or Season.


Get the bike

  • 1

    Choose the bike, check its run ability.

  • 2

    Enter the login and PIN on the bike pin pad and wait for "Safe trip".

  • Please note:
    for one account you can take one bike only

Go for a ride!

727 bike stations are located throughout Moscow. You can take a bicycle at one station and return to another.

Look at the stations map and route ideas.

And do not forget about the road rules.

All trips lasting up to 30/45 minutes are included in the access.

Rides over 30/45 minutes incur extra fee.

See pricing.

If you want to make short break (for example, to buy some ice cream) – fasten the bike with the built-in cable to something stationary: a pole or a fence.

Please note – in this case the ride doesn’t stop and time of a ride continues running.

If you want to make long break – return the bike and take another one when you wish.

Return the bicycle

Return the bicycle to any empty dock of the station. Wait for "Return OK" and SMS confirmation.
The rental is over, thank you! Rental time 00:28:14. To pay 0 р 1 minute ago