Legal Information

The purpose of city public bikesharing project is to create an alternative to a car and public transport, to provide residents and tourists with affordable transport for short trips.

Velobike — convenient, environmentally friendly and automated urban transport.

Velobike — is an automated city bikesharing service. We help Muscovites and guests to explore the city, go on picnics and go on business. Velobike is convenient for chord travel - between metro stations on neighboring branches. Our regular customers ride bicycles from home to the metro and from the metro to work.

Velobike — is an alternative to a personal car and public transport. Our bicycles are designed for short trips around the city: customers take a bicycle at a convenient station and return it to any other station.

Our customers don’t need to buy and store their own bikes, stand in traffic jams and pay for parking. No need to think about maintenance. You can take and return a bicycle for a minute, without queues and deposits.

Velobike bicycles developed in France especially for Moscow: it takes into consideration our roads and the habits of our customers. For the convenience regular customers can use the transport card "Troika" and pay using a bank card.