20 minutes charge - 18 km ride!
Quick! Convenient! Easy!

Electrobike -


The electric bike accelerates to 25 km / h on a flat road. The charge is enough for 10-20 km, depending on the road.


On an e-bike you get tired less and you can almost not turn the pedals. Turn on the engine and pull the trigger. And that's all!

Easy to use

Turn on the bike 1 and use the handle 2 for speed control

External difference

Electric bike can be identified by the red sticker on the steering wheel.

Electrobikesharing is available for all Moscow bikesharing users. There is no need for an extra registration.

Please note


Для этого нажмите кнопку OK на руле.

Before you take the e-bike, check the charge level.

Before you take the e-bike, check the charge level.

The e-bike must be returned only to the power station

Only at the power station, the e-bike battery is charged. If you return the bicycle to a normal station, we will be forced to write off a penalty of 1000 rubles from your card.

To use the e-bike requires the skill of confident driving.

The e-bike weighs about 40 kilograms and accelerates to 25 km / h, which means that its braking distance is much greater.

Station maps

Frequently asked questions

Where can I take an electric bike and park it?

Electric bicycles are being charged at the special stations: there are 12 stations at the moment. Take and return electric bicycles you can only at these stations. See electric rental card .

Как определить уровень заряда батареи велосипеда?

Все парковочные стойки сверху пронумерованы. Индикаторы заряда расположены на парковочных стойках с правой стороны и соответствуют номеру парковочной стойки. Если индикатор горит зелёным - велосипед заряжен. Если индикатор мигает зелёным - идёт зарядка велосипеда.