Frequently asked questions

С чего начать

  • Как мне изменить номер телефона в личном кабинете?

    Напишите, пожалуйста, нам письмо на с адреса электронной почты, указанного при регистрации. Мы внесём изменения и пришлём ответ.

  • Как зарегистрироваться?

    Скачайте мобильное приложение Велобайк Мультигорода для Айфона или Андроида и зарегистрируйтесь в нём, либо на нашем сайте. Для регистрации потребуется ваш номер телефона и адрес электронной почты.

  • Что делать после регистрации?

    Вы получите смс от Велобайка с логином и PIN. Сохраните эту информацию в сообщении, заметках или в адресной книге телефона: они вам понадобятся, чтобы брать велосипеды напрокат. Выберите город и на какой срок вы хотите получить доступ, и оплатите его. Сразу после оплаты вы можете брать велосипед напрокат. Выберите любой велосипед на станции велопроката, введите логин и PIN на руле, велосипед разблокируется, и вы можете кататься.

Pricing and billing

  • Payment failed. What shall I do?

    Please check if there is enough money on the card and you entered correct code from push/sms from the bank. If everything is correct - contact your bank's support service and try to pay for the access by another card.

  • How can I pay the debt?

    Sign in to our mobile app or site and select “Pay debt”. Enter credit card details and push/sms code from the bank.

  • May I pay for a new access while my current access is active?

    No, you may pay for a new access just after the current access expires. If you paid for a month access and would like to prolong it up to the end of the season, please wait when the current access expires.

  • How can debt appear?

    A debt for a ride can appear if your card does not have enough money or the bank declines a payment. We will ask you to pay off the debt before you can use the service again.

  • Can I pay for an access through the mobile app?

    Sure. Just sign in to our mobile app, and select “Buy access”. If you have a promo code, type it in the form before you choose an access. Then read Terms and Privacy Policy, click “Pay”, enter credit card details and push/sms code from the bank.

  • How can I ride 30 minutes for free?

    There is no free ride at Velobike. First of all, we kindly asking you to register and pay for an access. After that you may ride up to 30 minutes for free. We will charge your bank card for rides longer than 30 minutes.

  • Which cards do you accept?

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Mir. We do not accept cash, Maestro or Troika card.

  • Do I need to put down a deposit?

    There's no need in a deposit, but if you do not return a bike within two days, your bank card will be charged 30 thousand rubles as a fine. Therefore, we ask always to check that when you return the bike to the station you receive a message "Return OK" ("КОНЕЦ" for electric bike) and push confirmation from Velobike.

  • How do I pay for an access?

    Register on our site or mobile app. After registration you will be offered to choose an access for a day, month or season. Select desired access and pay by credit card.

Daily use

  • How long can I take a bike for?

    When you have paid for an access, you can take a bike at no extra charge for 30/45/60 minutes, depending on the access you have chosen. 30/45/60 minutes for each trip are already included in the access.You will need to pay for rides over than 30/45/60 minutes in accordance with the terms of an access. The paying period is the time between the time you took and returned a bicycle to the bike station. The maximum time for which you can take a bicycle is two days. A fine of 30 thousand rubles will be written off your bank card after 48 hours of a start of the bikesharing. If you are going to take a bicycle for a longer time, consider a daily rental in private rental firms.

  • May I drop the bike on urban bike parking near the metro?

    No, you must return the bike to the Velobike stations only.

  • Can I take a few bikes from one account?

    Only one bicycle can be used for one paid access. To ride with a company, everyone should have their own access.

  • Is it compulsory to return the bike on the same station it's been taken on?

    No, it’s not compulsory. You may return the bike to any station with empty slots. If there’s no empty slot on the nearest station, you should find another station. It’s prohibited to leave the bike close to the station: the rental session will not be over.

  • How shall I return a bike?

    Return the bicycle to any empty dock of the station. Wait for “Return OK” ("КОНЕЦ" for electric bike) and push confirmation.

  • Do I always need to check that I returned the bike correctly?

    Always. The rental time begins when you unlock the bike, and ends when you return the bike to the station. If the bicycle is improperly installed in the dock, the bicycle lock will not close and the rental time will not end. When you park a bicycle to the dock, wait for the "Return OK" sign on the bicycle handlebars ("КОНЕЦ" for electric bike) and push confirmation from Velobike that the rental is over. This is the confirmation that the system has accepted your bike.

  • How do I check that the bikesharing has finished?

    The handlebar display will show "Return OK" ("КОНЕЦ" for electric bike) and you will receive a push confirming that you have completed the bikesharing. If you now click on the handlebar display OK, the bike will offer to log in by login or "Troika" card. Any other messages mean that the bikesharing is not completed.

  • How many trips can I make?

    You can make as many trips as you wish within the paid access. For example, if you have bought the 24 hours access, then within 24 hours from the date of payment, you can take and return the bike as many times as you want at any bikesharing station. The main thing is to remember about 15-minute breaks between trips, which are necessary for synchronization of the system data.

  • Why are only 30 minutes included in Day access?

    The City bikesharing is created for short trips around the city: for example, to get from Pushkin to Chistye Prudy, without a need to go by the metro.

  • Where can I take bicycles? Where should I return them?

    Bicycles can be taken and returned at Velobike stations. Now in Moscow there are 721 stations: find the most convenient on the map or in the mobile app for iPhone or Android. Bicycle stations are located in the center of Moscow, at the entrances to the parks, near the metro stations and in many areas. Before you go to the bike station, check on the map, whether it works and how many free bicycles there are on it. If the station is empty, you can not take a bicycle. If the station is full, you can not return it.

"Troika" card

  • How can I take a bike using my "Troika" card?

    Log in to your personal account via our site or mobile app and choose link my "Troika" card. You will be asked to provide your "Troika" card number from the back of the card.Having linked your "Troika" card to your account you will only need to attach it to the handlebar reader and enter your PIN to take a bike. Please note: after linking "Troika" card you can not take a bicycle without it. If you leave your "Troika" card at home, you can not take a bike without it. You'll first have to unlink the "Troika" in your personal account.

  • Can I pay by my "Troika" card?

    You can not pay by a "Troika" card. Your "Troika" card can only be used when unlocking a bike at the bikesharing station. You can use it instead of your LOGIN by attaching it to the lock at the handlebar. However, first you need to link it to your personal account via our site or app. It is important to remember that when you have a "Troika" card linked to your account, the LOGIN does not work.

Problems at the bikesharing station

  • There are no empty docks or bikes at the station to park the bike in or to take a bike.

    This might happen on the weekends and during rush hours. Look at the map to see which nearby stations have free bikes or docks. The map is always at hand on the site, in the app for iPhone and Android. You may also wait for a few minutes as someone will ride to the station and park their bike so you can start using it. Or someone might take a bike so you can park yours instead to an empty dock. It is better to check beforehand if there are free bikes or docks at the station you are planning to go to.

  • I took a bike but it turned out to be broken

    Thank you for noticing! We will fix it ASAP. What to do now: 1) Return the bike to the station and park it into a dock 2) Wait for the sign "Return OK" ("КОНЕЦ" for electric bike) and push confirmation 3) Report a breakdown to the Velobike support service by phone: +7 495 966 ​​4 669. We will ask you to name the station number and bicycle number, and also describe the malfunction. 4) Take another bike and enjoy your ride

  • I returned the bike in time. However, then I received a message saying that 3000 rubles were written off from my bank account. Why did it happen?

    The bikesharing station did not accept your bike and therefore the bikesharing session was not finished. To avoid this always wait for a sign "Return OK" ("КОНЕЦ" for electric bike) and push confirmation when parking the bike in the dock at the station.

  • I try to finish my bikesharing session. Park a bike into a free dock but nothing happens

    Check if the bike stands flat and is inserted to the dock correctly as the bikes nearby. If it does not help try to park your bike to an other free dock closer to the terminal. If it does not work out, please proceed to another nearest bikesharing station. If this still does not work, call Velobike support: +7 495 966 ​​4 669

Problems during a ride

  • I got into an accident and the bike is broken

    If no one is hurt, call Velbike's support service and tell us about the incident +7 495 966 ​​4 669. If someone is injured, call an ambulance immediately, dial 112.

  • Some hooligans vandalized the bike while i was away

    From the start of the bikesharing session, you are solely responsible for the safety of the bike. If you are in a difficult situation, call Velobike support: +7 495 966 ​​4 669. You can also write a statement to the police.

  • The bike is stolen

    Call the police by dialing 112. Then call Velobike's support service +7 495 966 ​​4 669. You will need to write a statement and get the ticket-notification in the police office.

  • I got into an accident the bike was not harmed

    If you are injured, call an ambulance immediately, dial 112. If you can not return the bicycle to the station, ask passers-by to help you - you just need to park your bike in the dock and get the message "Return OK" ("КОНЕЦ" for electric bike). If a bikesharing station is far away or you are not sure that you will be able to get help, call Velobike support: +7 495 966 ​​4 669. We recommend buying extended access with insurance.

  • There is a stolen or lost bike in the street

    If there is a Velobike station nearby, please park the bike carefully into the dock. You can save someone's money. If there is no station nearby, call Velobike's support service +7 495 966 ​​4 669

Electric bicycles

  • What if the battery finishes while riding?

    You will have to pedal like an ordinary bike.

  • Do I have to register separately to ride electric bikes?

    Additional registration is not needed to use an electric bikesharing. The paid access to the Moscow bikesharing is enough.

  • How to determine the battery level of a bicycle?

    All parking slots are numbered from above. The charge indicators are located on the parking slots on the right side and correspond to the number of the parking slots. If the indicator is green, the bike is charged. If the indicator blinks green, the bike is charging.

  • What if I still return the electric bicycle to a normal dock?

    We will ask you to pay a fine of 1000 ₽.

  • How long does the battery charge?

    From 20 minutes to one and a half hours, depending on the workload of the station.

  • What is the difference between electric bikesharing and the usual one?

    Basically there is no big difference, except that you need to monitor the level of a battery power.

  • What is an electric bike?

    These are bicycles with a motor and a battery. The maximum speed is up to 25 km/h. Electric bicycles have a limited range of riding - the battery life is up to 35 km. When the battery is low, the electric bike turns into a normal one and you need to twist the pedals.

  • Can I return the electric bike to the normal station?

    No, the electric bike should be charged at a specially equipped electric power station. The electric bike can only be returned on it in a special dock with the inscription "места для электровелосипедов". If you return it to a normal station, we will write off a fine of 1000 ₽ from your account.

  • Why are there so few electric stations?

    So far this is a pilot project. If the electric bikesharing becomes popular, in due course new stations will appear.

  • Where can I take an electric bike and park it?

    Electric bicycles are being charged at the special stations. Take and return electric bicycles you can only at these stations.

  • How can I check that the bikesharing is completed on the bike?

    The display will show "КОНЕЦ" and you will receive a push message confirming that you have completed the bikesharing. If you now click on the OK button, the bike will offer to log in by login or "Troika" card. Any other messages mean that the bikesharing is not completed.

  • How do I start the electric bikesharing?

    Just like the usual one: 1. Register and pay for an access 2. Select the electric bike at the nearest power station 3. Enter the login and PIN on the steering wheel panel. The bicycle is unlocked 4. Ride. You can return the electric bike only to electric power stations. Use the dock with the inscription "места для электровелосипедов".

  • How much does the electric bikesharing cost?

    Access costs as the usual one: from 155 ₽ for a 24 hours access, the cost of the access includes any trips up to 30/45/60 minutes. Read more - on the prices page .

If you have any questions, please call 24 hours customer service: +7 495 966 4 669